Anti-Counterfeiting Trends 2018

What will happen in the global anti-counterfeiting in the next year? According to new surveys and brand owner statements, the fight against online infringement will dominate the efforts in combatting brand and product piracy. Internet monitoring and enforcement will play a leading role in this process. Correspondingly, the relevance of cyber security and compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the EU as well as other new laws and regulations in several jurisdictions will strongly increase.

In the real economy, brand owners plan to identify international counterfeit routes in order to monitor and dismantle the flow of fake goods. As counterfeiting has become more global and tricky, investigations will be more complex and time-consuming – generally an investigation against one counterfeiter takes between one and six months. Besides, companies will explore new means of fake detection.

Furthermore, brand owners will expand their anti-counterfeiting activities to cover more countries and regions such as India, ASEAN countries or Africa. To overcome internal discrepancies between different departments, they will address the gaps in their brand protection strategies and unify the anti-counterfeiting activities. Moreover, they intend to further strengthen the dialogue between each other, service providers, authorities, and customers. Last but not the least, cost control remains a heated topic. However, budgets will not be cut by a large percentage.

Source: LegalIQ

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