Confidential Information are Trade Secrets

The economic and trade agreement signed by the USA and China on 15 January 2020 (phase one) contains prominent provisions on the protection of trade secrets. The content of the agreement includes not only procedural decisions such as burden sharing in civil proceedings, interim measures to prevent the use of trade secrets or criminal proceedings… Continue reading Confidential Information are Trade Secrets

Geographical Indications: Protection Without Registration

Geographical indications (GI) of origin are also protected in China if they are recognised as geographical indications in their country of origin but are not registered in China as a certification or collective trademark. GIs are protected against applications in bad faith by Article 16 of the Trademark Law. Article 123 of the General Provisions… Continue reading Geographical Indications: Protection Without Registration

China’s Social Credit System: Pressure on counterfeiters

The Chinese Social Credit System contains three lists: A (positive) red list, a watch list and a (negative) black list. They already have an impact on companies operating in China. Those on the red list enjoy advantages such as the fast processing of administrative procedures or easier access to credit. Companies whose operations are considered… Continue reading China’s Social Credit System: Pressure on counterfeiters

Operation Cloud Sword: China Fights Cybercrime

The Chinese State will in future pursue cybercrime and theft of trade secrets via the Internet in cooperation with other countries. To this end, the Ministry of Public Security launched an operation called Cloud Sword in July 2019, which focuses on international cooperation in the fight against transnational cybercrime. The new programme is showing first… Continue reading Operation Cloud Sword: China Fights Cybercrime

Stronger Protection for Trade Secrets – But Only with Proper Protection Measures in Place

Just last November, the U.S. Department of Justice charged a Chinese employee who had worked for Monsanto with theft of trade secrets for China. The existence of trade secrets is a prerequisite for winning an infringement lawsuit. Although China’s newly revised anti-unfair competition lawhas strengthened the protection of trade secrets, it is still challenging to… Continue reading Stronger Protection for Trade Secrets – But Only with Proper Protection Measures in Place

Deception Package Crawling Services

In the fight against counterfeiting and piracy on the Internet, brand owners must try to identify and eliminate counterfeit manufacturers in the real economy. Those who find illegal sales in Internet marketplaces and online shops with the help of crawling software and only have them deleted manually or automatically cure the symptom. The deleted offers… Continue reading Deception Package Crawling Services