China on the Fast Track for International Trademark Applications

A new study on Chinese Brands conducted by CompuMark shows that in just four years China has climbed up from number 10 in international filing volume of trademarks to number two. And it is very likely to outstrip the current number one, the US, in less than two years. Since some years ago China manages… Continue reading China on the Fast Track for International Trademark Applications

Loopholes in Trademark Registration Procedure

German trademark registration procedure makes it easy to register malicious trademarks. When checking on an application for trademark registration the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) does not conduct an in-depth research on similar registered trademarks. New trademarks are registered after only a formal examination. Chinese counterfeiters capitalize on that loophole: they register malicious trademarks,… Continue reading Loopholes in Trademark Registration Procedure

IP management in the era of Chinese IP offensive

We are proud to share the speech of our colleague Dr. Xiaopeng Zhao, LL.M., published by Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer on Germany’s most influential IP blog IP for Business: Dr. Xiaopeng Zhao has spoken at the IP management master class MIPLM in Strasbourg on April 19, 2018. The main contents of the speech… Continue reading IP management in the era of Chinese IP offensive

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Modern technology, especially AI keeps changing the way we work. That applies also for IP experts. One example: monitoring trademarks, looking for similar trademarks, or checking on already registered trademarks is time consuming and exhausting. Increasing numbers of IP registrations make the field of registrations even more complex. Today, AI can help us with these… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

China’s National Court of Appeal for IPR Cases

The Supreme People’s Court will further accelerate the establishment of a unified court of appeal for the cases in the field of intellectual property. Thus China continues strengthening the protection of IP rights. This step is long overdue because of the sheer volume of IPR trials: in 2017 alone, the specialized IP courts have decided… Continue reading China’s National Court of Appeal for IPR Cases

China Merges Patent and Trademark Offices

China has announced the merging of Patent and Trademark offices and combining trademark and patent functions which before were performed by a multitude of different authorities. This includes not only patent-related tasks but also trademark registration and management of geographical indications (GI). The ultimate goal is to optimize IP management, strengthen administrative enforcement as well… Continue reading China Merges Patent and Trademark Offices

The Smart Commercialization of IP

An intelligent strategy for exploiting one’s intellectual property as well as the cross-border in-licensing of IP in global competition can not only significantly increase the value of a company’s IP portfolio, but also comes with other benefits. For instance, a commercialization strategy can provide a solid foundation for tapping into new markets and fields of… Continue reading The Smart Commercialization of IP