Digital Free Trade Zones: A Nightmare for IP Protection

This February, the First Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference was held in Beijing, organized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the General Administration of China Customs. Beijing was an obvious choice of location given the fact that 40 percent of global e-commerce is carried on in China – not to mention the country’s leading position… Continue reading Digital Free Trade Zones: A Nightmare for IP Protection

Chinese Companies Turn the Tables

Not only do Chinese companies register property rights for their intellectual property on a massive scale, but also have their measures of enforcement become more aggressive. The majority of cases brought to Chinese IP courts do not involve, as one might assume, Western companies that defend their IP rights against Chinese forgers, but litigations between… Continue reading Chinese Companies Turn the Tables

Watch List for Fake Markets

Brussels plans a watch list for marketplaces outside the EU that continuously offer platforms for the infringement on intellectual property, counterfeiting, or any forms of trademark and product piracy. This watch list is part of the Commission’s complex strategy for the IP enforcement, announced in 2017. The focus will lie primarily on online platforms and… Continue reading Watch List for Fake Markets