Chinese Companies Turn the Tables

Not only do Chinese companies register property rights for their intellectual property on a massive scale, but also have their measures of enforcement become more aggressive. The majority of cases brought to Chinese IP courts do not involve, as one might assume, Western companies that defend their IP rights against Chinese forgers, but litigations between Chinese companies. Furthermore, the number of Chinese companies suing Western competitors for IP right infringements is growing.

Two current cases: The Chinese clothing brand KON sued Apple for infringing upon the copyright of their logo in China, while Hangzhou Chic Intelligent sued the US company Razor for patent infringement – in the U.S.

In the wake of China’s Go Global strategy, a growing number of Chinese businesses are registering its trademarks and patents in Europe and the US. Within the past few years, Chinese brands have joined the higher ranks of the Brand Finance Global 500, the global ranking of the most valuable brands.

This trend will accelerate, as Chinese companies are becoming more globalized. Western companies need to react now and align their IP strategies to Chinese competition. Intellectual Property Competitive Intelligence offers effective tools and methods. Find out more at:

Picture: AP Photo/Stephen Brashear

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