China Merges Patent and Trademark Offices

China has announced the merging of Patent and Trademark offices and combining trademark and patent functions which before were performed by a multitude of different authorities. This includes not only patent-related tasks but also trademark registration and management of geographical indications (GI). The ultimate goal is to optimize IP management, strengthen administrative enforcement as well… Continue reading China Merges Patent and Trademark Offices

The Smart Commercialization of IP

An intelligent strategy for exploiting one’s intellectual property as well as the cross-border in-licensing of IP in global competition can not only significantly increase the value of a company’s IP portfolio, but also comes with other benefits. For instance, a commercialization strategy can provide a solid foundation for tapping into new markets and fields of… Continue reading The Smart Commercialization of IP

Increased Compensation in IPR Infringement Cases

Tailwind for China’s entrepreneurs: The Supreme People’s Court has released a document that protects the property rights of entrepreneurs and strengthens their autonomy concerning management issues. The Circular on Creating a Favorable Legal Landscape to Facilitate Innovation and the Start-Up of Entrepreneurs by Leveraging the Adjudicatory Function of the Court also includes the protection of… Continue reading Increased Compensation in IPR Infringement Cases

The Renaissance of Design

Once regarded as the unbeloved child of IP protection, design is now experiencing a coming of age. While patents and trademarks used to be the essential way of IP protection, the number of global registrations has skyrocketed over the past few years, since companies have become aware of the benefits of designs in their own… Continue reading The Renaissance of Design

Chinese Companies Turn the Tables

Not only do Chinese companies register property rights for their intellectual property on a massive scale, but also have their measures of enforcement become more aggressive. The majority of cases brought to Chinese IP courts do not involve, as one might assume, Western companies that defend their IP rights against Chinese forgers, but litigations between… Continue reading Chinese Companies Turn the Tables

China Establishes Its Own International Courts Along the New Silk Road

In the wake of its multi-billion Belt and Road Initiative, China will set up three international courts to settle disputes among those companies participating in the project. International courts will be located in Beijing, Shenzhen and Xi’an, established by the Chinese Supreme People’s Court. China’s current judiciary, arbitration, and mediation agencies shall provide the basis… Continue reading China Establishes Its Own International Courts Along the New Silk Road

China’s Cybersecurity Law – More Clarification to Come

China’s NITSSTC (National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee) published new standards on Cybersecurity Law as draft for the solicitation of public opinion. The new standards cover some topics that many international companies with operations in China were wrestling with in the last couple of months. As the Cybersecurity Law contains a lot of vague expressions… Continue reading China’s Cybersecurity Law – More Clarification to Come