Corona Fires Counterfeiting and Cybercrime

The current pandemic is leading to a massive increase in corona-related activities in counterfeiting and cybercrime. For example, in February, the Chinese authorities seized more than 31 million counterfeit or low-quality face masks that appeared on the market in the middle of the corona virus outbreak. The government authorities are targeting criminal suppliers and dealers… Continue reading Corona Fires Counterfeiting and Cybercrime

Protection of Trade Secrets: The long Arm of the USA

As trade secrets are becoming more and more important for many companies, the question of how companies can enforce their rights against a foreign company is gaining in importance. The laws and regulations for the protection of trade secrets vary widely in different countries. There is no common standard for common law countries or civil… Continue reading Protection of Trade Secrets: The long Arm of the USA

Operation Cloud Sword: China Fights Cybercrime

The Chinese State will in future pursue cybercrime and theft of trade secrets via the Internet in cooperation with other countries. To this end, the Ministry of Public Security launched an operation called Cloud Sword in July 2019, which focuses on international cooperation in the fight against transnational cybercrime. The new programme is showing first… Continue reading Operation Cloud Sword: China Fights Cybercrime