Export of Personal Data

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration has announced the Standard Contractual Measures for the Export of Personal Data. The purpose of these measures, which will take effect on June 1, 2023, is to protect the interests and rights of individuals regarding their data and to regulate the export of personal data. The Measures set out the scope,… Continue reading Export of Personal Data

IP and Data in Franchising in China

Enterprises that want to enter the Chinese market through international franchising should prepare a comprehensive IPR layout in advance and pay attention to data protection in their activities. Although a registered trademark is the most important resource in the franchise system, in addition, the uniform decoration plans of franchise stores, window designs, original advertising slogans,… Continue reading IP and Data in Franchising in China

Important Data: More Duties for Processing

China is fleshing out its data protection rules. The Network Data Security Management Regulation (Draft for Comments), published in November 2021, provides more detailed guidance regarding the obligations of processors of important data. Data is divided into general data, important data, and national core data. Important data refers to data that may jeopardize national security… Continue reading Important Data: More Duties for Processing

Data Export Security Assessment: All Data Processors Are Involved

With the enactment of China’s Cybersecurity Law (CSL), Data Security Law (DSL), and Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), security management and assessment of cross-border data transfer became a key issue. Following these three laws, China’s Cyberspace Administration (CAC) published the Measures on Data Export Security Assessment (Draft for Comments) on October 29, 2021, which provides… Continue reading Data Export Security Assessment: All Data Processors Are Involved

Cybersecurity Review: Didi Is Not the Last Company

In just two days, Didi, China’s largest service platform for private car ride-hailing, has gone from investor darling to the first major case of a cybersecurity review by the Chinese government against a company after a stellar IPO on Wall Street. One of the bases of this review is the Measures for Cybersecurity Review 2020,… Continue reading Cybersecurity Review: Didi Is Not the Last Company

Blockchain Makes Evidence Secure

The use of public blockchains and cryptocurrency trading have been heavily restricted in China since 2017. However, in 2019, the Chinese government realized that this technology is not only a risk of losing control, but can be very useful. Since then, it has been trying to target blockchain technology to improve cybersecurity and build a… Continue reading Blockchain Makes Evidence Secure

China Fights Misleading through Deepfakes

China is increasingly cracking down on illegal deepfakes – fake digital representations of people in image, video or audio formats created using artificial intelligence for the purpose of deception. The counterfeiter usually collects facial or body data of a person in the form of images and uploads them to an AI algorithm. This processes the… Continue reading China Fights Misleading through Deepfakes

MLPS 2.0: China Steps Up Its Cybersecurity Inspections

Implementation of the Cyber Security Law through the Multi Level Protection Scheme (MLPS 2.0) is mandatory for all companies established in China. Because implementation has been slow, the government has now stepped up cybersecurity monitoring and is urging companies to fulfill their MLPS obligations. The authorities are particularly targeting the industrially strong regions, where many… Continue reading MLPS 2.0: China Steps Up Its Cybersecurity Inspections