Market Entry with Strong IP: Not Always Recommended

Western companies are often enthusiastic about their innovative technology and rely on their strong patents to be monetized globally. But what about the company’s own competitive advantage in the Chinese market and in third markets already served by strong-patent Chinese competitors? Does the company have freedom of exercise there, or does it infringe already existing… Continue reading Market Entry with Strong IP: Not Always Recommended

Chinese GDPR: On the Safe Side

China has taken another step toward data protection with the release of the second draft revision of the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL). Although not the final law, it appears that personal data protection legislation has entered the final stages, and it is believed that the PIPL will soon be formally enacted. It is not… Continue reading Chinese GDPR: On the Safe Side

China Fights Misleading through Deepfakes

China is increasingly cracking down on illegal deepfakes – fake digital representations of people in image, video or audio formats created using artificial intelligence for the purpose of deception. The counterfeiter usually collects facial or body data of a person in the form of images and uploads them to an AI algorithm. This processes the… Continue reading China Fights Misleading through Deepfakes

To Punitive Damages by Sending Lawyer’s Letter

In protecting intellectual property rights in China, the effect of a lawyer’s letter is generally limited. Lawyer letters have also been sent with caution because they can have unpleasant side effects. They can not only trigger aggressive countermeasures from the recipient, but also damage the legitimate rights and interests of the opponent, triggering unfair competition… Continue reading To Punitive Damages by Sending Lawyer’s Letter

China Restricts Tesla Driving Permits for Civil Servants

After Tesla was first targeted by the Chinese government earlier this year over allegations of quality shortcomings, the successful e-car manufacturer is now in the spotlight over espionage allegations and threats to national security. According to recent reports, military personnel, government officials, and employees of large state-owned enterprises are no longer allowed to use Tesla-branded… Continue reading China Restricts Tesla Driving Permits for Civil Servants

The Obligation to Localize Data Affects More Companies

When it comes to data protection in China, data localization is inevitable for foreign companies. The basic requirements are currently mainly set out in the Cyber Security Law, and many service providers such as the financial sector, providers of public health information, and online cab booking services have issued their own data localization requirements. The… Continue reading The Obligation to Localize Data Affects More Companies

China Is Creating a Huge Reservoir of Prior Art

When it comes to patents, the U.S. increasingly finds itself at a disadvantage in the innovation race with China. For example, AI patent applications from China significantly outpace those from the U.S., which means that China’s patent applications hurt U.S. innovators because they create a huge reservoir of “prior art.” This dramatically increases the amount… Continue reading China Is Creating a Huge Reservoir of Prior Art

Expansion of Design Protection

An amendment to China’s Patent Law, which comes into effect on June 1, 2021, will provide more protection for designs in the future. Registered designs (design patents) are intended to protect the aesthetic and commercial value of a product, but were previously only valid for ten years. This meant that valuable designs could be legally… Continue reading Expansion of Design Protection

Trademark Battle for The Shopping Festival

Singles’ Day, which takes place every year on 11.11. is the most popular annual shopping festival and the world’s highest-turnover online shopping day. It is hosted by leading Chinese e-commerce platforms, mainly Taobao and Both together generate billions of dollars in sales every year, even more than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.… Continue reading Trademark Battle for The Shopping Festival

Antimonopoly Directive Restrict Intellectual Property

The Anti-Monopoly Bureau of China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has published the Anti-Monopoly Guidelines on Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR Guidelines”). This long-awaited Directive aims to prohibit the use of intellectual property rights if they eliminate or restrict competition. The Guidelines also provide clearer rules and guidance on monopoly of intellectual property rights. Chinese… Continue reading Antimonopoly Directive Restrict Intellectual Property