Impacts of China’s Foreign Investment Law

In January 2020 the Foreign Investment Law of the People’s Republic of China will come into force. The three laws, Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures Law, Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise Law and the Chinese-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures Law, that have regulated foreign investments in China up to now, will then be abolished. The sudden adoption of a… Continue reading Impacts of China’s Foreign Investment Law

Know-How Protection in Pharmaceutical Companies

Four years have passed since the first proposal of the strategic plan Made in China 2025 (MiC 2025). Although China is toning down the public media coverage and official statements regarding the MiC 2025, the plan is still running. Its goals focus on high-tech areas, including the pharmaceutical industry. The MiC 2025 plan sets ambitious… Continue reading Know-How Protection in Pharmaceutical Companies

Copycats of Yesterday, Innovators of Tomorrow

In the past, Chinese companies have copied ideas or business models, but in many industries this is still often the case. In the digital economy, too, China’s enormous development began by copying models of large established players. WeChat was formerly China’s WhatsApp; Weibo was China’s Facebook, Baidu – China’s Google and Alibaba – China’s eBay.… Continue reading Copycats of Yesterday, Innovators of Tomorrow

Made in China 2025 – Increasing Risks

China’s plan to transform its economy by building its own high-tech capacity and creating national champions holds both opportunities and risks for many Western companies. As Chinese industry moves up the value chain, Chinese companies try to buy or collaborate with high-quality machinery, equipment and services that can support their own transformation with relevant expertise,… Continue reading Made in China 2025 – Increasing Risks