Strengthening Design Protection

China joined the Hague Agreement concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs (the Hague System for short) on February 5, 2022. This makes it possible to apply for protection of a design in more than 90 countries worldwide simultaneously via one application – including China from May 5, 2022. China’s accession had already been announced… Continue reading Strengthening Design Protection

First Corporate Data Compliance Guideline in China

On January 30, 2022, Shanghai issued the first official Corporate Data Compliance Guideline. The 38-article document guides companies to strengthen their data management in terms of data compliance, identification, assessment and elimination of data risks. The guideline emphasizes that a company’s management is responsible for data compliance and recommends that a dedicated data compliance management… Continue reading First Corporate Data Compliance Guideline in China

National Standard Provides Insight into Future Data Requirements

The requirements of the internationally widely discussed Data Security Law (DSL, effective since Sep 1, 2021) are a challenge for many companies operating in China. To establish a hierarchical protection system for data classification, China’s National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee has issued the National Standard – Guide for Important Data Identification (Draft, hereinafter referred… Continue reading National Standard Provides Insight into Future Data Requirements

Legal Requirements for Vulnerability Management

For some time now, CIOs around the world have been busy fixing the Log4j2 vulnerability. From a technical perspective, there are solutions such as patches and system upgrades. However, vulnerability management is not just a technical issue in China; there are also legal requirements that companies must meet.  For example, service providers are required by… Continue reading Legal Requirements for Vulnerability Management