IP Databases Reduce Costs of Infringement Proceedings

COVID-19 also leads to companies paying closer attention to costs when enforcing their intellectual property rights in China. IP databases can help them do this. The analysis of Chinese court decisions in comparable cases enables IP managers and their service providers to correctly assess the case and the opponent and to find the right strategy.… Continue reading IP Databases Reduce Costs of Infringement Proceedings

Deception Package Crawling Services

In the fight against counterfeiting and piracy on the Internet, brand owners must try to identify and eliminate counterfeit manufacturers in the real economy. Those who find illegal sales in Internet marketplaces and online shops with the help of crawling software and only have them deleted manually or automatically cure the symptom. The deleted offers… Continue reading Deception Package Crawling Services

Growth Market Copyright

The rapid development of the Chinese digital economy is also reflected in the area of digital copyrights. In 2018, this hitherto rather exotic market reached a volume of 742.3 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6% over the previous year. This extraordinary increase is not only due to the constant innovations within the digital industries, but… Continue reading Growth Market Copyright