Establishment of Corporate IP Compliance

In the context of building a dual circulation system and creating a unified domestic market, China is guiding all enterprises to strengthen their compliance management to prevent business risks at home and abroad, promote modernization and transformation, and improve competitiveness. The compliance system is to cover areas such as market transactions, environment, human resources, finance,… Continue reading Establishment of Corporate IP Compliance

Who Is Operator of Critical Information Infrastructure?

Critical Information Infrastructure Operators (CIIOs) are a central and so far vague concept of China’s new cybersecurity and data protection system. With the regulations on critical information infrastructure protection (“the regulations”) that came into force on September 1, 2020, the government is now creating more transparency, but at the same time increasing the pressure on… Continue reading Who Is Operator of Critical Information Infrastructure?

DSL: What is “Important Data”?

The Data Security Law (DSL), which further strengthens China’s regulation of data security, will come into effect on September 1, 2021. The critical question for foreign companies is to what extent they will be affected by the DSL. The crux of the matter here is the so-called “important data.” This special category of data is… Continue reading DSL: What is “Important Data”?

The Obligation to Localize Data Affects More Companies

When it comes to data protection in China, data localization is inevitable for foreign companies. The basic requirements are currently mainly set out in the Cyber Security Law, and many service providers such as the financial sector, providers of public health information, and online cab booking services have issued their own data localization requirements. The… Continue reading The Obligation to Localize Data Affects More Companies