Regionalization: Avoiding Loss of Control

Many international companies are currently considering regionalizing their production and upstream supply chains for specific markets to a greater extent and making their subsidiaries in different world regions more independent of each other. The goal is to secure supply chains by deepening regional value creation and to better meet regional customer needs through regionally manufactured… Continue reading Regionalization: Avoiding Loss of Control

DSL: What is “Important Data”?

The Data Security Law (DSL), which further strengthens China’s regulation of data security, will come into effect on September 1, 2021. The critical question for foreign companies is to what extent they will be affected by the DSL. The crux of the matter here is the so-called “important data.” This special category of data is… Continue reading DSL: What is “Important Data”?

China Fights Misleading through Deepfakes

China is increasingly cracking down on illegal deepfakes – fake digital representations of people in image, video or audio formats created using artificial intelligence for the purpose of deception. The counterfeiter usually collects facial or body data of a person in the form of images and uploads them to an AI algorithm. This processes the… Continue reading China Fights Misleading through Deepfakes

The Obligation to Localize Data Affects More Companies

When it comes to data protection in China, data localization is inevitable for foreign companies. The basic requirements are currently mainly set out in the Cyber Security Law, and many service providers such as the financial sector, providers of public health information, and online cab booking services have issued their own data localization requirements. The… Continue reading The Obligation to Localize Data Affects More Companies

China’s New Biosecurity Law Affects European Companies

China’s Biosecurity Law, which comes into force on 15 April 2021, is the new framework for the nearly one hundred laws, regulations and rules already in place in this area. It contains regulations on a wide range of topics – including the prevention and control of epidemic diseases, the establishment of a risk monitoring and… Continue reading China’s New Biosecurity Law Affects European Companies