IP Protection in New Areas

Intellectual property protection has always been high on the Chinese agenda. For example, the Made in China 2025 strategy aims to transform Chinese enterprises from manufacturers into owners and creators of intellectual property in the global economy. In September and October 2021, China published the Outline of Building an IPR Powerhouse (2021-2035) and the 14th… Continue reading IP Protection in New Areas

Regionalization: Avoiding Loss of Control

Many international companies are currently considering regionalizing their production and upstream supply chains for specific markets to a greater extent and making their subsidiaries in different world regions more independent of each other. The goal is to secure supply chains by deepening regional value creation and to better meet regional customer needs through regionally manufactured… Continue reading Regionalization: Avoiding Loss of Control

Parallel Imports: Trademark Infringement Or Unfair Competition?

Parallel imports involve importing legally manufactured original products into China from other countries without authorization from the IPR holder. Until now, Chinese laws, regulations and judicial interpretations have not clearly defined the legitimacy of this practice. But now the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court has ruled that parallel imports of non-counterfeit products do not constitute trademark… Continue reading Parallel Imports: Trademark Infringement Or Unfair Competition?