Crises Fuel Counterfeiting

The global economic weakness and persistent inflation are leading consumers and business customers to deliberately replace originals. To compensate for their current income losses and sales slumps, consumers and businesses are deliberately replacing high-priced originals with cheap copies from China. By replacing, they can significantly reduce their purchasing costs in the difficult economic situation –… Continue reading Crises Fuel Counterfeiting

Antimonopoly Directive Restrict Intellectual Property

The Anti-Monopoly Bureau of China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has published the Anti-Monopoly Guidelines on Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR Guidelines”). This long-awaited Directive aims to prohibit the use of intellectual property rights if they eliminate or restrict competition. The Guidelines also provide clearer rules and guidance on monopoly of intellectual property rights. Chinese… Continue reading Antimonopoly Directive Restrict Intellectual Property

Parallel Imports: Trademark Infringement Or Unfair Competition?

Parallel imports involve importing legally manufactured original products into China from other countries without authorization from the IPR holder. Until now, Chinese laws, regulations and judicial interpretations have not clearly defined the legitimacy of this practice. But now the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court has ruled that parallel imports of non-counterfeit products do not constitute trademark… Continue reading Parallel Imports: Trademark Infringement Or Unfair Competition?