Defensive Trademark Application as Inexpensive Brand Protection Strategy

In order to counter the proliferation of bad faith trademark applications by counterfeiters, foreign companies should not only register their own trademarks in China, but also trademarks with similar words, signs and designs as defensive trademarks. Although these defensive trademarks can be cancelled after three consecutive years for non-use, their registration is cheaper than other… Continue reading Defensive Trademark Application as Inexpensive Brand Protection Strategy

Covid-19: Customers Replace Originals Deliberately by Cheap Fakes

There is a new phenomenon in brand and product piracy: the deliberate replacement of originals. In order to compensate for the loss of sales and income caused by Covid-19, companies and consumers are intentionally replacing expensive originals with cheap Chinese copies. By replacing original branded products, they can significantly reduce their purchasing costs in the… Continue reading Covid-19: Customers Replace Originals Deliberately by Cheap Fakes

Counterfeiting as Organized Crime

Counterfeiting activities are increasingly carried out by organized crime groups. They concentrate on a single product category, produce higher quality counterfeits and control the entire marketing process. The value chain also includes illegal laboratories and well-trained professionals who can even synthesize medicines. As a result, the supply of specialized counterfeit goods continues to increase. Many… Continue reading Counterfeiting as Organized Crime

Lego Fakes: USD 30 Million Losses

The case is making international headlines: In April 2019, the police in Shanghai smashed a ring of counterfeiters that manufactured and distributed counterfeit toys made by the Danish company Lego. The goal of the action was the Chinese toy manufacturer Lepin. The police raided three locations with ten assembly lines, which were subsequently closed. This… Continue reading Lego Fakes: USD 30 Million Losses

Small Packages and Complex Routes

Every year, the OECD’s Illicit Trade series study records the current situation of global illegal trade. According to the study, the EU is particularly affected by international trade in counterfeit and pirated products, with around a quarter of all fakes flowing into the European Community in 2016. The counterfeit goods had a value of EUR… Continue reading Small Packages and Complex Routes