Artificial Intelligence: China Pushes Forward

China has released its new Artificial Intelligence Development Plan. It focuses on strategic objectives and the development of new artificial intelligence by 2030, and also includes protective measures, a detailed timetable and a three-step roadmap. By 2020, the national applications of artificial intelligence are to be synchronized with the global development of this technology. Particular… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: China Pushes Forward

Access still allowed – The new Chinese Encryption Law

On 26 October, the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China passed the new Chinese Encryption Act (密码法), which will come into force on 1 January 2020. It can be seen as a further addition to the cyber security regime that China has been developing for years and which has gained momentum with… Continue reading Access still allowed – The new Chinese Encryption Law

IP Crime Conference in Cape Town: Can the Public Sector Keep Up?

A clear result of the IP Crime Conference in Cape Town: According to prosecuting authorities, brand and product piracy is becoming increasingly digital and transnational. Counterfeiters today are technologically highly advanced and have a global reach – their products are produced in the country A, transported via the country B and sold in the country… Continue reading IP Crime Conference in Cape Town: Can the Public Sector Keep Up?

Protection of Embedded Software in China

The value of machines is increasingly shifting from the actual machine to the embedded systems and thus above all to the embedded software. This means that in addition to protecting the machine with traditional IP, i.e. patents, utility models and designs, the software should also be protected as good as possible. So how can embedded… Continue reading Protection of Embedded Software in China

Know-How Protection in Pharmaceutical Companies

Four years have passed since the first proposal of the strategic plan Made in China 2025 (MiC 2025). Although China is toning down the public media coverage and official statements regarding the MiC 2025, the plan is still running. Its goals focus on high-tech areas, including the pharmaceutical industry. The MiC 2025 plan sets ambitious… Continue reading Know-How Protection in Pharmaceutical Companies

Counterfeiting as Organized Crime

Counterfeiting activities are increasingly carried out by organized crime groups. They concentrate on a single product category, produce higher quality counterfeits and control the entire marketing process. The value chain also includes illegal laboratories and well-trained professionals who can even synthesize medicines. As a result, the supply of specialized counterfeit goods continues to increase. Many… Continue reading Counterfeiting as Organized Crime

E-Car Start Up XPeng: New Trade Secrets Theft Accusations

Last year FBI started criminal prosecutions against a former Apple employee who stole the secret technology for self-driving cars. Now, Tesla is suing out of same reasons a former employee of their Autopilot team. What is the connection between the two defendants? Mr. Zhang and Mr. Cao are not only countrymen but were also switching… Continue reading E-Car Start Up XPeng: New Trade Secrets Theft Accusations