Chinese Counterfeiters Mostly Copy Local Brands

Chinese counterfeiters are not only targeting foreign brands. Quite the contrary, as Chinese brands gain in popularity and their value is rising steadily, Chinese counterfeiters do not shy away from copying products of their fellow countrymen. China Weekly reports that Chinese courts have concluded 200,000 cases in 2017 related to IP rights with the number… Continue reading Chinese Counterfeiters Mostly Copy Local Brands

IP management in the era of Chinese IP offensive

We are proud to share the speech of our colleague Dr. Xiaopeng Zhao, LL.M., published by Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer on Germany’s most influential IP blog IP for Business: Dr. Xiaopeng Zhao has spoken at the IP management master class MIPLM in Strasbourg on April 19, 2018. The main contents of the speech… Continue reading IP management in the era of Chinese IP offensive

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Modern technology, especially AI keeps changing the way we work. That applies also for IP experts. One example: monitoring trademarks, looking for similar trademarks, or checking on already registered trademarks is time consuming and exhausting. Increasing numbers of IP registrations make the field of registrations even more complex. Today, AI can help us with these… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

China’s National Court of Appeal for IPR Cases

The Supreme People’s Court will further accelerate the establishment of a unified court of appeal for the cases in the field of intellectual property. Thus China continues strengthening the protection of IP rights. This step is long overdue because of the sheer volume of IPR trials: in 2017 alone, the specialized IP courts have decided… Continue reading China’s National Court of Appeal for IPR Cases

Fast-Fakes and Super-Fakes: Brands Need to Adjust Their Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies

Not only the fashion industry experiences a trend of differentiated counterfeiting business. On the one hand, there is a tendency of “fast-fakes”. Counterfeiting cycles are getting shorter and forgers are quickly dumping simple and recognizable copies of low quality seasonal goods on the market. The response of original manufacturers is not very challenging in such… Continue reading Fast-Fakes and Super-Fakes: Brands Need to Adjust Their Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies

The Renaissance of Design

Once regarded as the unbeloved child of IP protection, design is now experiencing a coming of age. While patents and trademarks used to be the essential way of IP protection, the number of global registrations has skyrocketed over the past few years, since companies have become aware of the benefits of designs in their own… Continue reading The Renaissance of Design

Chinese Companies Turn the Tables

Not only do Chinese companies register property rights for their intellectual property on a massive scale, but also have their measures of enforcement become more aggressive. The majority of cases brought to Chinese IP courts do not involve, as one might assume, Western companies that defend their IP rights against Chinese forgers, but litigations between… Continue reading Chinese Companies Turn the Tables