Security, Science and Technology

Political speeches and documents are known to provide valid clues to future developments in the PRC. Analysts therefore try to extract priorities and orientations from the phraseology, word choice, and frequency of terms related to the 20th Party Congress. In doing so, they also take into account minor changes in phrases that have appeared at… Continue reading Security, Science and Technology

Beijing unveils two-year Metaverse plan

China is now taking the Metaverse for a big leap. The project is based on the Beijing Urban Sub-Center Metaverse Innovation and Development Action Plan (2022- 2024), which was published in August 2022. The Chinese capital’s innovation plan stipulates that all urban districts should increasingly promote industries and companies that have a connection to the… Continue reading Beijing unveils two-year Metaverse plan

China’s Triumph in Robotics

The Middle Kingdom continues to gain ground in the research and development of the robotics industry and can hardly be caught up. This development is clearly visible when looking at the total number of patents in this field. China leads the world in this area by a significant margin, having filed nearly three times as… Continue reading China’s Triumph in Robotics

The Great Era of Innovation: China Invests in New Infrastructure

In order to boost the economy after Covid-19 and be able to grow again in the short term, China is relying on massive investments in innovative infrastructure projects. In the great era of innovation, the focus is on 7 areas: the construction of 5G base stations, ultra-high voltage, high-speed trains and light rail, charging stations… Continue reading The Great Era of Innovation: China Invests in New Infrastructure

Huawei debate: Risks can be managed

The British business magazine The Economist brings a new perspective to the hitherto little differentiated debate on the cyber security risk Huawei: the handling of risks, a central category of risk management. The West fears that Huawei’s equipment could have back doors and that these security holes would allow the Chinese to carry out cyber… Continue reading Huawei debate: Risks can be managed

China wants to disconnect itself from foreign countries technologically

The decoupling of the national economies is also being driven forward rapidly by China. For example, 30% of foreign hardware and software is to be replaced by Chinese alternatives in 2020, another 50% by 2021 and the remaining 20% by the following year. This directive, known in China as the “3-5-2 policy”, could affect 20… Continue reading China wants to disconnect itself from foreign countries technologically