Geographical Indications of Origin: The Protection Agreement Will Come in 2020

New perspectives for combating false claims on food and beverages: The European-Chinese marathon negotiations on the protection of geographical indications of origin have been officially concluded. The agreement, which is still under legal scrutiny and will have to pass through the European Parliament and the Council, will enter into force in 2020.

The agreement is based on a list of ten geographical indications registered and protected in 2012, including Italian ham Prosciutto di Parma, Scottish Farmed Salmon and French cheese Roquefort. The list now agreed includes 100 European products whose geographical indications will also apply in China in the future. In return, 100 Chinese geographical indications will be protected in the EU.

The EU list of geographical indications protected in China includes products such as Cava, Champagne, Feta, Irish Whiskey, Ouzo, Polska Wódka, Oporto and Queso Manchego. Bavarian beer and wine from Rheinhessen, Franken and the Moselle will also be protected from imitation in China in future. Chinese products include bean paste Pixian Dou Ban, white tea Anji Bai Chaa, rice Panjin Da Mi and ginger Anqiu Da Jiang.

The new agreement opens up completely new perspectives for European producers of geographically labelled foods and beverages in the fight against the growing piracy of brands and products. On its basis, it is now possible to successfully investigate counterfeiters in China and to appeal with great chances of success.

Source: European Commission

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