Credit China: Objection Against Incorrect Social Credit Information Possible

In July 2020, Credit China, one of the main websites of the notorious Chinese Social Credit System, finally introduced an online system to apply for removal of wrong information displayed on the website and for rectification of information about administrative penalties.

The information displayed on Credit China is collected from several relevant administrative authorities, combined and then published on the website. If a company discovers errors – wrong information or wrongly or erroneous disclosed information- it can raise objection online directly on the website. For information on administrative penalties, if the penalty has been paid, companies can apply for deletion of the corresponding entry after three month, six month or three years, depending on how serious the violation was.  

Appropriate documents must be provided to support the appeal. This includes screenshots of other official websites, administrative decisions or their revocation, official document of payment of an administrative penalty, etc. In serious cases it is obligatory to participate in a course for restoration of “credibility” at a certified organization and to submit the official confirmation of participation.


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