The Genie in the Bottle: Know-how Protection for Start-ups

The consequences of the loss of know-how are far costlier than its protection. With start-ups, it is not uncommon for the entire investment to be at stake. For start-ups, further specific challenges appear besides the typical risks of know-how outflow. Start-ups, for example, face further challenges due to their open communication culture in coworking spaces and home offices.

During introduction rounds and pitches, interested parties are often given many details of innovative technologies and business plans. Here there is a risk that the idea will be stolen and thus lost once and for all. This risk exists in many phases of business development and project cooperation. The damage is even greater if the know-how is lost after financing rounds have already been completed. Know-how is like a genie in a bottle: once it has escaped, it is lost forever.

What measures can be taken to prevent the theft of ideas and how can start-ups and their investors protect themselves? CHINABRAND IP CONSULTING will provide information on this topic in a free webinar on Thursday, 18 November 11.00 a.m. The content:

– The legal framework regarding know-how,

– the time and cost of protection compared to patents,

– proven strategies, methods and instruments of know-how protection and

– the professional management of know-how within the company.

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