Strengthening the Brand as ACF Strategy

When legal means have been exhausted in the fight against trademark and product piracy (anti-counterfeiting, ACF) in China, the question arises as to alternative approaches. A sustainable effective ACF strategy to regain control over one’s own brand is to strengthen and consolidate the brand in the Chinese market. In doing so, the brand owner leaves… Continue reading Strengthening the Brand as ACF Strategy

The Genie in the Bottle: Know-how Protection for Start-ups

The consequences of the loss of know-how are far costlier than its protection. With start-ups, it is not uncommon for the entire investment to be at stake. For start-ups, further specific challenges appear besides the typical risks of know-how outflow. Start-ups, for example, face further challenges due to their open communication culture in coworking spaces… Continue reading The Genie in the Bottle: Know-how Protection for Start-ups

China-Strategy as a Balance

The Netherlands is the first country in the European Union to present key points for a constructive, but at the same time critical China-strategy. The strategic goal is to reweight bilateral relations between the two countries. In its cooperation with China, the Netherlands wants to seize opportunities whenever possible and protect its interests whenever necessary.… Continue reading China-Strategy as a Balance