First Tribunal for Data Resources Established

China continues to forge ahead in the development of the digital economy. For example, on May 18, 2022, China’s first professional court to handle cases related to data resources was established – the Data Resource Tribunal of Wenzhou Ouhai District People’s Court. The background: with the development of the digital economy, the production, storage, use and trade of data are becoming more and more extensive. Many data contain personal information, trade secrets and confidential business information. The question of how to legally use this data is inextricably linked to business practices.

The new Data Resources Tribunal is not only responsible for civil and criminal cases related to serious breaches of personal data, trade secrets or confidential business information. It also hears administrative law cases involving administrative authorization of data resources, disclosure of information, administrative sanctions, and regulatory oversight. Whenever data resources are at issue, a case may be heard by this court.

In addition to the normal litigation functions, the Data Resources Tribunal will also help companies raise their awareness of confidentiality and improve the protection of data resources. With the establishment of the first data resources tribunal in Wenzhou, it is foreseeable that there will be other professional tribunals specializing in data resources, so that disputes over data rights can be better resolved in the future.

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