New data exchange in Canton

China has launched another data exchange in Nansha, Guangzhou. So far, more than 300 traders and companies have applied to join the Data Exchange, and around 200 trading objects have already been registered. These are data products, services and capabilities in areas such as artificial intelligence, intelligent transportation, smart manufacturing, smart finance, business services, medicine and healthcare, and data governance. Trading volume exceeded RMB 155 million on the first day of operation.

The exchange also targets the computing resources of small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises and innovative service providers. Those wishing to participate must go through a multi-step process that initially includes registration, verification, application for listing, and subject approval. The exchange completes the transactions, executes the delivery of the data and evaluates the trades.

The Canton Data Exchange insists that ownership rights to data must be clear. By clarifying the rights to own data resources, use data processing and operate data products, the exchange can guarantee the conformity and legality of products and services. In addition, Guangdong is the first province to establish a data rights compliance committee and a compliance verification mechanism.

Picture> ifeng

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