VR for Industry 4.0 in the Chinese Market

Virtual reality for Industry 4.0 is also gaining importance in China. Both areas, VR and I4.0, are important components of China’s strategic planning and are promoted accordingly by the state. 

For Western companies, a standardized industry model of a factory of the future could be an option to illustrate the possibilities and advantages of cross-border cooperation in I4.0 VR. From a Chinese perspective, it is important to emphasize the selling point that Industrie 4.0 is Made in Germany.

In view of the shortage of skilled workers, for example IT talent, and rising labour costs, the potential of European Industry 4.0 should be demonstrated in China with strategic foresight. The Digital Twin, the Virtual Twin and the Asset Administration Shell (ASS) format for standardized IoT data exchange are becoming increasingly important for the Chinese market, as well as the related issues of IP protection and data security.  

The Metaverse or the Chinaverse will play an important role in exporting and implementing this combined industrial innovation (VR plus I4.0). With the cost reduction of related technologies and the cultivation of user groups, the concept could usher in a new boom in the coming years. The development steps of I4.0 VR will be similar to other digital ecologies – there will be three phases.

First, new scenarios and applications will be created based on new concepts and already available devices (e.g., for augmented reality and virtual reality). Then, new scenarios and new devices evolve, such as virtual conventions or smart factories. Finally, new applications and growing demands are driving I4.0 VR to gradually transform social and work concepts, collaboration methods, business models, infrastructure development, and value perception.

Picture: SOHO Learning Hub

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