China’s Twenty Data Measures Promotes Data Governance

China’s data production reached 6.6 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2021, accounting for 9.9% of total global data production. This puts China second only to the United States (16 ZB). In order to further enhance digital productivity, the Opinions on Building a Basic Data System to Better Fulfill the Role of Data Elements (Twenty Data Measures) were published in December 2022.

The paper sets out the operational mechanism of the rights to own data resources, process and use data, and operate data products. Data vendors that provide services such as developing and publishing data products are to be encouraged. So are third-party service providers that perform data compliance certification and data asset assessment.

The measures will set requirements for market participants. Among other things, the government should promote the use of public data, set out the broad outlines of data regulation, and explore the establishment of a classification and grading mechanism for cross-border data.

National data trading platforms should emphasize regulatory compliance and basic service functions, and regional data trading centers and industry-specific data trading platforms should be promoted for the dissemination and use of data. Data traders and professional third-party service providers offering specialized services should be encouraged. When collecting, processing, and using data, companies should understand the responsibilities and use the data in a lawful manner.

Companies can use data mapping to sort all data to improve the protection of personal data and ensure that the necessary compliance processes are met when transferring data across borders. The new data information created from analyzing and processing original data is legitimate corporate data assets that can contribute to data monetization.

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