Product Fakes in Switzerland: Souvenirs Declining, Online Bargains on the Rise

In Switzerland, the number of counterfeit brand products imported by tourists as vacation souvenirs decreased by 40 percent in 2016, in comparison to 2015. Apparently, the Custom’s measures to inform tourists about the prohibited import of fake products are effective.

Yet the growth of trade volumes with counterfeit products remains unbroken. The reason is the counterfeiters’ increasing use of digital distribution models to sell the fake goods. Apparently, Swiss people have fewer inhibitions ordering fake products over the internet. The main origin of counterfeit goods is Asia. The sellers on countless online marketplaces offer fake products for bargain prices and ship safely, quickly, and directly to Europe.

Counterfeiters can penetrate Europe’s markets even more comprehensively via internet trade. Through online shopping, fake goods find their way even into the smallest village. So in the long run, the growth trend of counterfeiting will remain unbroken.

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