Internet Plus: SIPO‘s Plan for IP Protection in the Digital Era

China’s Patent Office has issued a plan for using the ever growing volumes of available data and intelligent algorithms for IP protection. SIPO aims at building a centralized smart system for recognition of infringements till 2020.

The system is expected to support the persecution of piracy and counterfeiting by means of online fake identification, permanent internet monitoring and tracing the fake products to the source.

For this, SIPO will set up extensive databases such as a database for patent abstracts, for recognition of infringements, for information on IP transfers and licenses as well as a database with some key products of key manufacturers in selected industries that are copied most often.

The system will include separate modules for recognition and monitoring of infringements of not only invention patents, but also other IP rights such as trademarks, designs, or utility models.

This plan should enable the integration of online search and monitoring and offline persecution of IPR infringements for the authorities. It should also allow IP right holders to find and preserve the evidences online. Furthermore, China is planning to establish cooperation with foreign authorities and integrate their IP data in the system.

Picture: Solaripedia

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