Trademark Examination: Is Faster Always Better?

The main issues discussed at the 2019 National People’s Congress were the relationship between the US and China, the New Silk Road, the defense budget and the new draft of the Foreign Investment Law.

Improvements in IP protection were also discussed. For example, the already agreed shortening of the examination period for trademark applications from eight to four months is to be pushed ahead even faster than planned. China intends to catch up with the fastest examining OECD countries.

However, there are doubts about this intention. Does China’s typical striving for ever faster processes not lead to a loss in quality – mastering quantity instead of ensuring quality? It is a central task of the Intellectual Property Office to guarantee the quality of trademark applications examination and thereby protect the interests of trademark owners. The shortening of the examination period will lead to new risks for Western trademark owners, because a quick and superficial evaluation may create gaps that are used by trademark infringers.

Source: Xinhua

Picture: China National Intellectual Property Administration

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