Artificial Intelligence: China Pushes Forward

China has released its new Artificial Intelligence Development Plan. It focuses on strategic objectives and the development of new artificial intelligence by 2030, and also includes protective measures, a detailed timetable and a three-step roadmap.
By 2020, the national applications of artificial intelligence are to be synchronized with the global development of this technology. Particular emphasis will be placed on emerging AI industries such as pattern or face recognition, intelligent robots and vehicles, or Internet-of-Thing devices.

The aim is to achieve a breakthrough in the theoretical foundations of artificial intelligence by 2025. In China, the new generation of AI has so far been used primarily in intelligent manufacturing, medical therapy, smart cities, agriculture and the military.
By 2030, China should be the world leader in the theory, technologies and applications of artificial intelligence. To achieve these ambitious goals, many local governments have developed specific plans for artificial intelligence and invested large sums in AI. The Tianjin city government, for example, has announced that it will provide $5 billion to support artificial intelligence and more than 20 square kilometers of land for the construction of an intelligent industrial park.

The AI Development Plan also foresees strengthening international cooperation and coordinating global development. It aims to accelerate cooperation between domestic AI companies and leading international institutes and encourage foreign companies to establish AI R&D centers in China and promote artificial intelligence employee training programs around the new Silk Road.
The People’s Republic will invest substantial amounts in research projects and start-ups over the next few years to ensure that companies, governments and the military become the world’s leading providers and users of artificial intelligence. We expect China, with its vast data resources, to present breakthroughs in academic AI research and new commercial applications in the near future. For many Western companies, this new Chinese leap forward brings massive competitive risks, but also interesting cooperation opportunities.


Source: China’s State Council
Picture: Photo by Franck V. auf Unsplash

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