IP Databases Reduce Costs of Infringement Proceedings

COVID-19 also leads to companies paying closer attention to costs when enforcing their intellectual property rights in China. IP databases can help them do this. The analysis of Chinese court decisions in comparable cases enables IP managers and their service providers to correctly assess the case and the opponent and to find the right strategy.

With IP databases, companies can identify regional trends in court decisions and the likelihood of supporting specific patent claims. They can be used to analyze comparable cases from the past, to research applicable paragraphs in the relevant legal texts or to estimate the chances of success before litigation under the risk factors of time and costs.

In the meantime, not only companies, but also Chinese courts use these databases. The judicial organs also use technical instruments in the administration of IP processes. The latest tool is the Zhiji database, which was released on April 16, 2020. Zhiji is the first officially launched database in China focusing on the collection, organization and publication of judgments on technology-related intellectual property cases. The aim is to unify and continuously improve process standards in technology intellectual property cases.

Source: chinacourt.org

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