Impact Covid-19: Law, Measures, Strategies in China-Business

Covid-19 will change the business of many European companies in and with China. Established industry structures will be shaken, supply chains will be decoupled, and demand and employment will decline. Preferences of market participants are shifting and the digital space is gaining in importance. The Chinese state will intervene even more strongly in the economy and further restrict the scope for companies to act.

It is now important for companies to look ahead and adapt their business in and with China to the new reality on the basis of reliable information. After the crisis-strategy and the exit-strategy, it is now a matter of finding a sustainable growth-strategy.

CHINABRAND IP CONSULTING has conducted a webinar in cooperation with the Schweizer Management Gesellschaft (SMG). The topics are:

  • Legal implications in connection with Covid-19 in China
  • Measures: How can we stabilize the business during the crisis?
  • Strategy: What will happen after the pandemic, what options do we have?

Click here to watch the webinar on Youtube.


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