Data Lifecycle Security Management on the Industrial Internet

With the growing number of digital industrial enterprises in China and the explosion of data from the industrial Internet, data security is becoming increasingly important for the smooth operation of enterprises in China. On April 8, 2022, the China Industrial Information Security Development Research Center (CIC) released the China Industrial Internet Industry Integration Development Report 2021 – 2022, pointing out that China’s industrial Internet industry, i.e. all enterprises using industrial information and communication technologies such as industrial control systems, IoT and AI, continued to develop dynamically in 2021 despite the impact of the pandemic.

This was due to the continued optimization of the industry’s development policy, the robust operation of the capital market, and the gradual improvement of data security management standards. Due to the high commercial value of industrial Internet data, it plays a crucial role in the security of production and operation, people’s livelihood and even national security. Therefore, it is proposed that industrial Internet enterprises in China should actively use and evaluate the production and operation data of industrial Internet platforms.

In the coming years, China will regulate data security in industrial and information technology sectors in increasing detail and require enterprises to comply with other IT compliance regulations. Among other things, the administrative responsibilities of the regional Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will be strengthened, and the requirements for data lifecycle security management will be clarified according to the realities of the industrial and telecommunications sectors.

As different types of enterprises appear in the industrial Internet industry, enterprises at various stages of development also face different problems. For tech giants and large enterprises, data security compliance becomes a key issue for listing and financing.

For large foreign companies operating in China, a tiered approach to production data protection is an important means of complying with future regulations. At the various stages of data generation, transmission, storage, use, migration, and destruction, it is necessary to establish different specific security requirements for different levels of critical data.

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