Arbitration in the Field of Intellectual Property

To minimize IPR risks and properly resolve cross-border trade disputes, the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) established the IPR Arbitration Centre in July 2022, specializing in IPR dispute resolution. CIETAC has extensive experience and an outstanding team of experts in the field of IP dispute resolution. In the past five years, CIETAC has litigated nearly 400 IP cases involving a cumulative dispute value of nearly RMB 20 billion. Despite this, 80% of IPR disputes are still heard in Chinese courts.

The increase in IPR cases, as well as China’s mechanism for handling disputes through administrative agencies, has led to long litigation cycles, delays, and low case secrecy. However, most multinational companies need disputes to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Arbitration is ideal for multinational companies to resolve disputes in China because it offers a high level of secrecy, a short timeframe, the free choice of arbitrators with different specializations, and the finality of the award.

CIETAC has mature and advanced arbitration rules and currently has 1,698 arbitrators, including 483 foreign arbitrators from 85 countries and regions, more than 200 of whom have expertise and practical experience in intellectual property. In addition to CIETAC, the Guangdong Arbitration Commission’s Intellectual Property Arbitration Court also has rich experience in arbitration. This commission has formed an IP specialist committee and has over 300 domestic and foreign IP arbitrators.

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