The World’s Strongest Brands

According to the latest World Brand Lab ranking of the world’s 500 most influential brands, China is in fifth place. A total of 38 brands in the ranking come from the country. Strongest player in the global landscape, however, is still the US, accounting for nearly half of all brands on the list.

But how to tell whether a brand is influential or not? The list is based on three indicators: market share, global leadership, and brand loyalty. With these indicators, a total of 20,000 brands were evaluated to identify the world’s 500 strongest.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon, Google and Apple take the first three places in the ranking. They are symbolic of the United States’ dominance in the ranking: 223 of the 500 brands in the ranking are of American origin. France, the UK and Japan are in third to fourth place, however, still lagging far behind the US.

China is in fifth place: The country’s most influential brands are State Grid (China’s largest utility company), Internet company Tencent (owner of China’s powerful social media platform WeChat), Haier (a producer of major appliances), and Chinese bank ICBC.

Most of the Chinese brands in the ranking are probably foreign to the majority of Western consumers. However, we recommend experts to keep an eye on the development of China’s brands. Since the first ranking in 2004, the country could steadily increase its share of the world’s most influential brands. For the moment, this trend seems to continue.

Source: World Brand Lab, Image: Haier

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