Chinese Brands¬†Overtake Western Brands

The trend cuts across all sectors: on the Chinese domestic market, many domestic brands are overtaking their foreign competitors in terms of popularity with consumers. These include Li-Ning and Erke in the sportswear sector, Midea and Gree in household appliances, and Perfect Diary and Florasis in the cosmetics markets. Some Chinese brands are now growing… Continue reading Chinese Brands¬†Overtake Western Brands

Covid-19 Accelerates the Creation of Strong Chinese Brands

The Corona crisis is intensifying the Chinese quest for strong brands. In order to increase the consumption of the population and stimulate the weak domestic demand, China now wants to politically promote and accelerate the development of well-known and high-quality Chinese brands. These are intended to help increase the influence of Chinese products and services… Continue reading Covid-19 Accelerates the Creation of Strong Chinese Brands