Camouflage and Deception: The New Routes of Counterfeiters

Chinese brand and product pirates are increasingly looking for tortuous paths, because investigators are more likely to reconstruct the way of counterfeit products shipped directly from China. In order to obscure the origin of the fakes, they deliver their products to final recipients through as many countries and borders as possible with the help of… Continue reading Camouflage and Deception: The New Routes of Counterfeiters

E-waste and Counterfeiting

Since last year, the Basel Action Network (BAN) has been continuously working on an e-Trash Transparency Project. It found that recycling companies in the US continue to export hazardous e-trash to Asia. Their latest data reveal 16 more instances of exports to developing countries involving 7 companies, most of which make public claims of never… Continue reading E-waste and Counterfeiting

Shenzhen launches an IP Service System

China’s technology metropolis Shenzhen takes the lead in innovation and IP protection once again. On September 12, 2017, the construction of the Shenzhen Intellectual Property City was announced, which builds on the already existing competitive advantages of Shenzhen against other Chinese cities. The service of the new IP hub includes the creation, administration, and protection… Continue reading Shenzhen launches an IP Service System

Alibaba Expands its Big Data-fueled Anti-counterfeiting Program

This summer, Alibaba announced a series of measures designed to fight counterfeiting – not just online, but offline as well. China’s leading online platform released its “anti-counterfeiting maps” based on the big data analysis, as well as a blacklist of 100 companies that sell counterfeits online. This has led to a massive close-down of 180,000… Continue reading Alibaba Expands its Big Data-fueled Anti-counterfeiting Program

China’s fast-track for patents

Administrative Measures for Priority Examination of Patent Applications, issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China, have come into effect on 1st August 2017. They aim at broadening the range of technologies that are considered eligible for priority examination, as well as opening up opportunities for applicants of utility models… Continue reading China’s fast-track for patents

China’s Top Social Networks Face Investigation under the Cybersecurity Law

Most international companies have adopted a mere wait-and-see approach regarding the compliance with China’s new Cybersecurity Law. Now, the recent investigation against the country’s top social media providers definitely sets off alarm bells – it is time to take compliance with China’s Cybersecurity Law seriously. In early August, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has… Continue reading China’s Top Social Networks Face Investigation under the Cybersecurity Law

Anti-Counterfeiting Trends 2018

What will happen in the global anti-counterfeiting in the next year? According to new surveys and brand owner statements, the fight against online infringement will dominate the efforts in combatting brand and product piracy. Internet monitoring and enforcement will play a leading role in this process. Correspondingly, the relevance of cyber security and compliance with… Continue reading Anti-Counterfeiting Trends 2018