Innovative India?

On 12th May, 2016 the Union Cabinet of India approved the country’s first IPR Policy which lay the future roadmap for intellectual property in India. The visionary slogan is “Creative India, Innovative India”. In the past, many foreign companies had massive problems protecting intellectual property. India´s new policy aims to create and exploit synergies between all… Continue reading Innovative India?

Supreme Court of China reforms patent lawsuit rules

The Supreme Court of China released a new set of judicial interpretations, which are governing patent infringement lawsuits since April 1st, 2016. They are intended to enhance and clarify the process of patent infringement lawsuits in China and will play an important role in patent infringement cases in the future. The new rules adress various… Continue reading Supreme Court of China reforms patent lawsuit rules

China will simplify trademark registrations

On July 14th, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued notification to introduce reform to simplify trademark registration. As part of pilot programs, it will be possible submit applications for brands outside of Beijing in cities like Ya’an (Sichuan) or Taizhou (Zhejiang). In addition, online agencies will be authorized to process applications for registration,… Continue reading China will simplify trademark registrations

Court condems Chinese website due to unfair competition

In an precedent case at the end of 2015, a chinese online vendor selling genuine  Avène products claimed to be an official Avène website. The Changsha Intermedia People’s Court found that an act of unfair competition based on Article 2 of the Anti-unfair Competition Law. In 2014 Pierre Fabre, owner of the registered trademark EAU… Continue reading Court condems Chinese website due to unfair competition